7 - 8- 2006




Hunger strike by Iranian asylum seeker in The Hague enters critical phase
Save the life of a refugee in The Netherlands!

The Hague, August 7th 2006 - Negotiations between the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND) of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the Iranian asylum seeker Ali Anoushei, have entered a decisive, critical phase. Anoushei has been on hunger strike near the Dutch Parliament building for 57 days. During talks 4 days ago, the IND offered him a review of his recently rejected asylum request, promising his case the utmost in care and consideration.

Ali Anoushei is one of many victims of the increasingly intolerant and inhumane immigration policies of Rita Verdonk, Dutch Minister of Immigration affairs. His case is an example of thousands of other asylum seekers who have also had their asylum requests rejected due to the toughened policies imposed by ‘Iron Rita’ against helpless refugees seeking protection in The Netherlands. With these policies, Verdonk has created a virtual hell-hole from which fewer and fewer refugees are able to escape with their lives.

Refugees literally become insane because of uncertainty, lack of perspective, and fear. Many of them have been driven to attempt suicide, and a considerable number have perished as a result. Others seek to escape using desperate measures such as a hunger strike. This intolerable situation must not continue!
Because the chance still exists that Ali Anoushei’s asylum request will be denied, it is now of the utmost importance that the IND is made aware that public opinion is watching their handling of this case until its resolution.

Please sign this petition and show that you have had enough of the 'IRON CURTAIN ' minister Verdonk has raised against refugees in The Netherlands. The lives of innocent refugees such as Ali Anoushei must no longer be put at risk for political purposes.


More info:  www.prime95.nl/index2.htm
Contact person: Ahmed Pouri, ++31 70 3050415 /++31 6 55362313

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