16 Mei 2005



Prevent imminent execution of political prisoner Hojjat Zamani, by the Iranian government

To: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, US Congress, US Senate, European Parlement

Prevent Execution of Hojjat Zamani, Ladies and Gentlemen International Human rights organizations, The judiciary system of the Islamic Republic of Iran has ordered the execution of Mr. Hojjat zamani, 29, a political prisoner and his execution is imminent. In 2003, Hojjat zamani escaped from the Evin prison, but was extradited to Iran by the Turkish police. His two brothers have been executed by the Iranian government before. Hojjat zamani and six other political prisoners started a 32 days hunger strike on January 24, 2005 that attracted international attention to the horrendous conditions of prisons in Iran and severe abuse of human rights . Now, less than a month after that hunger strike, the Islamic republic regime intends to execute Hojjat Zamani. With 159 announced executions in one year, the Iranian government is in second place after China in executions. Unfortunately, Western governments prefer their economic benefits over lives of people and encourage the Islamic republic of Iran in severe abuse of human rights by engaging in negotiations. We, the undersigned, urge the human rights organizations and international communities to do all in their power to prevent the execution of Hojjat Zamani . Any negotiations with the Iranian government should be conditioned upon halting executions in Iran and observation of basic human rights by the Iranian government.

barayeh emza inja klick konid

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